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Die schnelle Suche nach QM-Begriffen und Abkürzungen

In der Abkürzungsdatenbank i-Qpedia können Sie Begriffe über den Anfangsbuchstaben finden oder die erweiterte Suche nutzen, um zusätzlich nach Details in der Datenbank zu suchen.


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  • 286 Abkürzungen mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben »S«

  • S
  • S
  • s
    process Standard deviation
  • S
  • S
  • S
  • S
    Smallest value
  • S
  • S
    Severity (FMEA)
  • S
    Short leadtime item(s)
  • Sicherheitskritisches Merkmal
  • S&P
    Strategy and Planning
  • S&R
    Squeaks & Rattles
  • sine tempore
  • Sourcing Team Evaluation Process
  • S/C
    Safety and Compliance (KPC)
  • SA
    Sleep Acklowledge
  • SA
  • SA
    Structured Analysis
  • SA
    System Architect
  • Software as a Service
  • SAB
  • SAB
    Side Air Bag
  • Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services
  • SAE
    Society of Automotive Engineers
  • SAF
  • System für Aggregate- und Fahrzeug- entwIcklungsplaneR
  • SAM
    Signalerfassungs- und Ansteuermodul
  • SAP
    Service Access Point
  • SAR
    Situation - Aktion - Resultat
  • SAS
    Steering Angle Sensor
  • SAS
    Statistical Analysis System
  • SAV
    Sports Activity Vehicle
  • SB
    Strategy Board
  • Seat Belt Buckle Sensor
  • SBC
    Sensotronic Brake Control
  • Small Business Data Base
  • Service Bay Diagnostic System
  • SBE
    Stand-by Engine
  • SBF
    Serien Bestätigungs Fahrzeug
  • Strategic Bill Of Material
  • SBS
  • SC
    Significant Characteristic
  • SC
    Special Characteristics
  • SCC
    Special Cause Concerns
  • Small Common Components System
  • Self Certification Export Market
  • Schwurgericht
  • SCL
    Steering Column Lock
  • SCM
    Safety Control Module
  • Supply Chain Operations Reference
  • SCP
    Supply Chain Planning
  • Supplier Chain Parts Planner
  • SCR
    Supplier Component Review
  • SCR
    Specification Change Report
  • SCR
    Supply Chain Reliability
  • SCR
    System Concept Review
  • SCR
    System Change Request
  • SCR
    Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • SCR
    Chat-Jargon: Sorry, Couldn't Resist
  • SCS
    Supplier Concept Sheet
  • SCT
  • SCU
    Start Control Unit
  • SD
    Supplier Development
  • SD
    Source Document
  • SD
    Structured Design
  • SDB
    Signal Data Base
  • SDD
    Stroke Dependent Damping
  • SDD
    Squip Diagnostic Deployment (Circuit)??????
  • SDE
    Supplier Development Engineer
  • Stendal
  • SDM
    Sensing Diagnostic Module
  • SDS
    System Design Specification
  • SE
    Simultaneous Engineering
  • SE
    Simulation Engineer
  • SE
    Staff Engineer
  • SEF
    Struktur Entwicklungs Fahrzeug
  • SEK
    Swedish Crowm
  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO
    Special Equipment Option
  • Safety Element out of Context
  • Safety Element out of Context
  • Single Euro Payments Area
  • SET
    Simultaneous Engineering -Team
  • SEV
  • SF
  • SF
  • SF
    Styling Freeze
  • Styling Freeze / Package Freeze
  • SFD
    Start Frame Delimiter
  • SFF
    Safe Failure Fraction
  • SFI
    Super Fob Interface
  • SFM
    Shopfloor Management
  • System Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (S-FMEA)
  • SFT
    Steyr FahrzeugTechnik
  • SG
  • single
  • SGM
    Shanghai General Motors
  • sgo
    Chat-Jargon - Stuff going on
  • Seat Heating Module Left
  • Seat Heating Module Right
  • SI
    Sleep Indication
  • SI
    Supplier Integration
  • SI
    Sanktionierte Interpretationen
  • Side Impact Air Bag
  • Standard Instrument Control Library
  • SIL
    Software In the Loop
  • SIL
    Single Issues List
  • SIL
    Safety Integrity Level
  • Supply In Line Sequence
  • SIM
    Simultaneous Imperative and goal Management
  • SIM
    Subscriber Identity Module
  • simultaneous
  • Social Information Networking Group
  • SIQ
    Swedish Institute for Quality
  • SIR
    Supplemental Inflatable Restraints
  • SIS
    Side Impact Sensor
  • SIS
    Safety Instrumental System
  • SJB
    Smart Junction Box
  • SJW
    Synchronisation Jump Width
  • SKD
    Semi Knocked Down
  • SL
  • SL
    System Layout
  • SLC
    Safe Launch Characteristic
  • SLF
    Semiaktive LuftFeder
  • SLS
    Self Levelling Suspension
  • SM
    Structure Mule
  • Specific Measurable Accepted Realistic Timely
  • Shop Management And Resource Tracking
  • Subsystem Mule Build Readiness Review
  • SMD
    Surface Mounted Device
  • Supplier, Manufacturing, Design, Vehicle sales, service and marketing
  • SME
    Subject Matter Expert
  • Single Minute Exchange of Dies
  • Sheet Metal Initial Data Release
  • Safety Manager in Project
  • Strategic Material Labor Balance System
  • Society or Motor Manufactures and Traders Ltd.
  • SMO
    Social Media Optimization
  • SMS
    Short Message Service - Chat-Jargon
  • Strategic Market Segment Specification
  • SMT
    Subsystem Management Team
  • SMT
    Systems Management Team
  • SMT
    Subject Matter Team
  • SMT
    Strategic Management Team
  • SMT
    Simultaneous Management Team
  • SMT
    Systems Management Team
  • Start Manufacturing Validation Build non-saleable
  • Start Manufacturing Validation Build saleable
  • SNA
    Start of Acceleration
  • Schacht & Steins Google Testeintrag (nicht löschen)
  • SNR
  • Simulated Node(s) Under Test
  • Simple Object Access Protocol
  • SOB
    Start of Build
  • SOC
    State of Charge
  • SOC
    Substances of Concern
  • SOD
    Statement of Decision
  • Side Obstacle Detection Left / Right
  • Start Option Development Process
  • SOE
    Supply Operations Europe
  • SOF
    Start Of Frame
  • SommerFahrt
  • SOP
    Start of Production
  • SOP
    Start Of Pilot
  • SOP
    Standard Operation Procedure
  • SOR
    Statement of Requirements
  • Start Of Regular Production
  • SOS
    Standard Operation Sheet
  • Safety Of The Intended Functionality
  • SOW
    Statement Of Work
  • SPA
    Shipping Priority Audit
  • SPA
    Strategic Product Assessment
  • SPC
    Statistical Process Control
  • SPC
    Spare Parts Coordinator
  • SPE
    Sensing Performance Engineer
  • SPE
    Surface Product Engineering
  • Specification
  • SPF
    Single Point Faults
  • Single Points Fault Metric
  • SPG
    Strategische ProduktplanungsGruppe
  • SPI
    Software Process Improvement
  • Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination
  • Safety Performance Integration Team
  • SPO
    Service and Parts Operations
  • SPR
    Supplier PeRformance
  • SPS
    Single Point Sensing
  • SPS
    Side Pressure Sensor
  • Shared Property Use Request
  • SQ
    Supplier Quality
  • SQA
    Supplier Quality Assurance
  • SQE
    Supplier Quality Engineer
  • SQI
    Supplier Quality Improvement
  • SQI
    Significant Quality Incident
  • Supplier Quality Improvement Meeting
  • Supplier Quality Improvement Process
  • SQL
    Structured Query Language
  • SRA
  • SRB
    Sicherungs- und RelaisBox
  • Safety Regulations and Consumer Information
  • SRD
    System Requirements Document
  • SRM
    Sun Roof Module
  • SRS
    Safety Restraint Systems
  • SRS
    Supplementary Restraint System
  • SRS
    Supplier Software Requirement Specification
  • SRS
    System Requirements Specification
  • SRX
    Stand Alone Receiver
  • SSA
    Supplier Security Administrator
  • SSA
    Sector Service Agreement
  • Step-Stress Accelerated Test method
  • Strategic Subassembly Assessment Team
  • SSC
    Supplier Security Coordinator
  • Smart Steering Column Device
  • System Specific Diagnostic Specification
  • SSF
    Start of System Fill
  • Structure and Safety Integration Center
  • Subsystem Leadership Team
  • SSM
    SubSystem Mule
  • Self Service Publication & Retrieval
  • Supplier Software Quality Assurance Plan
  • SSR
    System Status Review
  • SST
    Small Sports Tourer
  • Sub System Technical Specifications
  • ST
  • STA
    Supplier Technical Assistance
  • Start Option Development Process
  • STC
    Stability and Traction Control
  • STC
    (readiness for) Ship To Commerce
  • STD
    Single Theme Direction
  • Single Theme Direction Math Data
  • STandard for the Exchange of Product model data
  • STG
    Service Technology Group
  • (inoffizielle Abkürzung)
  • System Testing Information System
  • STL
    Stereo Lithography
  • Seat Track Position Sensor
  • STS
    System Technical Specifications
  • Platzhalter
  • Studium unterbrochen
  • Stückliste
  • STV
    Specify The Vehicle
  • stellvertretender / Stellvertreter
  • Straßenverkehrsgesetz
  • SUB
    SUBwoofer module
  • SUM
    SUspension Module
  • SUV
    Sports Utility Vehicle
  • SUW
    Standard Units of Work
  • SUW
    Smart Utility Wagon
  • SV
    Structure Vehicle
  • SVA
    Specialty Vehicle Activity
  • Structure Vehicle Change Request
  • SVE
    Show Vehicle Engineering
  • Structure Vehicle Engineering Release
  • Substances of Very High Concern
  • Substances of Very High Concern
  • Safety Vehicle Integration Engineer
  • Structure Vehicle Styling Release
  • Structure Vehicle Surface Release
  • SW
  • Software-Komponente (SW-c)
  • System zum Weltweiten Austausch von Nutzdaten
  • SWC
    Side Wind Compensation
  • SoftWare Configuration Management Plan
  • SoftWare Design Description
  • SoftWare Download
  • SoftWare Development Plan
  • SoftWare Engineering Journal
  • Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
  • SWM
    Steering Wheel Module
  • SoftWare Project Plan
  • SoftWare Product Specification
  • SoftWare Quality Plan
  • SoftWare Requirement Specification
  • SWS
    Supplier WorkShop
  • Steering Wheel Switches Left
  • Steering Wheel Switches Right
  • SoftWare Test Description
  • SoftWare Test Plan
  • SoftWare Test Report
  • SoftWare Version Description
  • Share-with-your-Network
  • SWZ
  • Serienwerkzeug fallend
  • SerienWerkZeugFallend
  • Synchronization
  • Synchronization Point

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