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Die schnelle Suche nach QM-Begriffen und Abkürzungen

In der Abkürzungsdatenbank i-Qpedia können Sie Begriffe über den Anfangsbuchstaben finden oder die erweiterte Suche nutzen, um zusätzlich nach Details in der Datenbank zu suchen.


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Alle Abkürzungen nach Buchstaben

  • 332 Abkürzungen mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben »P«

  • P
  • P
  • chart for proportion of units nonconforming
  • Parts Ordered Off Production Tools/Process
  • P&L
    Profit & Loss
  • p-)
    Emoticon - Pirat (Augenklappe)
  • Prozess-Fehlermöglichkeits- und-Einfluss-Analyse
  • Planungs-Freigabe
  • Prüfplan
  • per annum / pro anno
  • pro Person
  • Postskriptum
  • Product / Production Validation
  • PA
    Physical Addressing
  • PA
  • PA
  • PA
  • PA
  • Prognose, Auffinden, Auswirkungen, Gegenmaßnahmen
  • PAB
    Passenger Air Bag
  • PAC
    Park Assist Camera
  • PAC
    Performance Assessment Committee
  • Partners for the Advancement of CAD/CAM Education
  • Passenger Airbag Cut Off Switch
  • PAD
    Passenger Airbag Deactivation
  • PAD
    Production and Assembly Documents
  • Part Adress Data Base
  • PAG
    Premier Automotive Group
  • Product Attribute Leadership Strategies
  • PAM
    Process Assessment Model
  • PAM
    Parking Assistance / Aid Module
  • PAP
    Parallel Assist Parking
  • PAP
    Produkt Assurance Plans
  • Power And Signal Distribution System
  • Passive Entry & Start
  • PAT
    Program Attribute Team
  • PAT
    Produkt Assurance Teams
  • PAT
    Part Average Test
  • PanAsia Technical Automotive Center
  • Passive Anti-Theft System
  • periphere Arterielle VerschlussKrankheit
  • PBL
    Primary Boot Loader
  • PBM
    Parking Brake Module
  • PBO
    Program Build Out
  • Program Bill Of Material
  • PBR
    Plant Car Build Readiness Review
  • Park Brake Shift Lock
  • PBT
    Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic
  • PBT
    Profit before Taxes
  • PC
  • PC
  • PC
    Process Control
  • PC
    Process Capability
  • PC
  • PC
    Profit Center
  • Production Control & Logistics
  • PCB
    Printed Circuit Board
  • PCC
    Product Control Characteristic
  • PCD
    Powertrain Calibration Delivered
  • Pck
  • PCL
    Process Control Language
  • PCM
    Powertrain Control Module
  • PCM
    Project Center Manager
  • PCN
    Product and Process Change Notification
  • PCP
    Product Cycle Plan
  • PCP
    Process Control Plan
  • Process Control Plan Audit
  • PCR
    Product Change Request
  • PCR
    Portfolio Change Request
  • PCS
    Product Content Sheet
  • PCS
  • PD
    Process Directive
  • PD
    (auch Priv.-Doz.) Privatdozent
  • PD
    Process Design
  • PD
    Product and Design
  • PD
  • PD
    Product Development
  • PDB
    Program Description Book
  • PDB
    Product Data Base
  • PDC
    Pull Drift Compensation
  • PDC
    Portfolio Development Center
  • PDC
    pull drift compensation
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act method
  • Passenger Door Control Unit
  • PDE
    Process and Design Engineer
  • PDF
    Problem Definition Form
  • PDH
    Plesiochrone Digitale Hierarchie
  • PDI
    Preliminary Data Indicator
  • PDI
    Pre Delivery Inspection
  • PDL
    Program Direction Letter
  • PDL
    Process Design Lead
  • PDM
    Passenger Door Module
  • PDM
    Plant Data Manager
  • PDM
  • PDP
    Perfect Drawing Plans
  • PDP
    Product Development Process
  • PDR
    Production Demonstration Run
  • PDS
    Product Description System
  • PDT
    Product and Process Development Team
  • PDU
    Protocol Data Unit
  • PE
    Product Engineering
  • PE
    Product Engineer
  • PE
    Project Engineer
  • PE
    Product Evaluation
  • PE
    processing element
  • Product Engineering - Vehicle Performance
  • PEB
    Physical Evaluation Board
  • PED
    PED-114 (Checking Fixtures Standards Manual)
  • PEM
    Petrol Electronic Module
  • PEM
    Proton Exchange Membrane
  • PEM
    Program Engineering Manager
  • PEM
    Program Engineer Manager
  • PEO
    Product Engineering Office
  • PEP
    Product Evaluation Program
  • PEP
  • PEP
    Produkt Entwicklungs Prozess
  • Passive Entry Passive Start
  • PER
    Production Execution Request
  • PER
  • PET
    Program Execution Team
  • PF
    Package Freeze
  • PF
  • PFC
    Process Flow Chart
  • PFD
    Panel & Floor Air Distribution Flap
  • PFD
    Probability of Failure on Demand
  • PFD
    Process Flow Diagram
  • PFH
    Probability of Failure per Hour
  • PFK
    Programmable Function Key
  • Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (P-FMEA)
  • PFU
    ProzessF ähigkeitsUntersuchung
  • Proofing Ground & Test Lab
  • pga
    Chat-Jargon - please go away
  • PGA
    Professional Graphics Adapter
  • PHF
    Passive Hydro-Feder
  • PHM
    PHone Module
  • PI
    Parameter Identifier
  • PI
  • PI
    Performance Integration
  • PIA
    Parts In Assembly
  • Product Issue Evaluation and Control System
  • PiL
  • PIM
    Product Information Management
  • PIM
    Production Information Method
  • PIM
    Performance Integration Manager
  • Projekt Incident Monitoring and REsolution Process
  • PiT
    Projektbearbeitung im Technologiezentrum
  • PIT
    Performance Integration Team
  • Performance Integration Team Leader
  • PIW
    Process Integration Wall
  • PJB
    Passenger Junction Box
  • PKG
    PacKaGe (number)
  • PKP
    ProduktKommission Pkw
  • PkW
  • Personenkraftwagen mit Anhänger
  • PL
    Performance Level
  • PL
    Project Leader
  • Plant Location Analysis NETwork System
  • PLB
    Process Leadership Board
  • PLC
    Programmable Logic Controllers
  • PLC
    Product Life Cycle
  • PLD
    Programmable Logic Device
  • ProblemLösung und EntscheidungsFindung
  • PLL
    Phase-Locked Loop
  • PLM
    Production Launch Manager
  • PLM
    Program Launch Manager
  • PLP
  • PLP
    Principle Location Points
  • PLP
    Production Launch Process
  • PLP
    Product Line Profitability
  • PLS
  • PLS
    Process Level Suffix
  • PLT
  • PLT
    Plant Support Team
  • PLT
    Planning Leadership Team
  • PM
    Particulate Matters
  • PM
    Precious Metal
  • PM
  • PM
    Preventive Maintenance
  • PM
    Program Management
  • PM
    Program Manager
  • PM
    Project Management
  • PMB
    Program Management Board
  • Probabilistic Metric for random Hardware Failures
  • Probabilistic Metric for random Hardware Failures
  • PMI
    positive Materialidentifikation
  • PMM
    Program Manufacturing Manager
  • PMP
    Personal Management Performance
  • PMP
    Performance Management Process
  • PMP
    Process Monitoring Points
  • PMR
    Program Manufacturing Requirements
  • Program Manufacturing Requirements Engineer
  • Program Module Steering Team
  • PMT
    Program Module Team
  • PMT
    Program Management Team
  • PMU
    Physical Mock Up
  • PN
  • PNI
    Planned Not to Implement
  • PNI
    Parts Not Inspected
  • PNV
    Planstellen NeuVerteilung
  • PO
    Purchase Order (Number)
  • POA
    Purchase Order Alteration
  • POC
    Proof Of Concept
  • PoC
    Point of Control
  • Passenger Occupant Detection System
  • PoF
    physics of failure
  • Fehler-Vermeidung
  • Product Order Management & Scheduling
  • Production Order Management System
  • PoO
    Point of Observation
  • POT
    Power Operated Tailgate
  • POU
    Point Of Use
  • Pp
    Performance Index (Leistungsindex)
  • PP
    Pilot Production
  • PP
  • PP
  • PP
  • PP
    Process Performance
  • PP
    Product Profile
  • Per procura
  • Pre-Production Action Authorization
  • Production Part Approval Process
  • Production Part Approval Process Level 1
  • Production Part Approval Process Level 2
  • Production Part Approval Process Level 3
  • Production Part Approval Process Level 4
  • Production Part Approval Process Level 5
  • PPC
    Product Program Content
  • PPC
    Product Program Center
  • Program Plan Change Request
  • Product and Process Engineering Center
  • PPF
    Produktionsprozess und ProduktFreigabe
  • Produktionsprozess- und Produktfreigabe-Bericht
  • PPH
    Parts Per Hour
  • PPH
    Problems Per Hundred
  • PPH
    Primary Process House
  • PPI
    Product and Process Integration
  • Product Problem Identification and Resolution
  • Ppk
    Process Performance Index (critical / kritisch)
  • PPK
  • Pre-Production Launch Managers
  • PPM
    Parts per Million
  • PPM
    Program Purchasing Manager
  • PPM
    Program Planning Manager
  • PPM
    Platform Program Manager
  • PPO
    Pre-Production Operations
  • Pre-Production Program Manager
  • PPS
    Passenger Pressure System
  • PPS
  • PPT
  • PPV
    Prototype Powertrain for Vehicles
  • PQ
    Person Quarters
  • Program Quality and Readiness Review
  • PQC
    Product Quality Characteristic
  • PQM
    Program Quality Manager
  • Program Quality Management System
  • Program Quality Readiness Review
  • PR
    Program Review
  • PR
    Performance Ratio (Leistungsverhaeltnis)
  • PR
    Purchase Requisition
  • PR
    Performance Review
  • PR
    Purchase Request
  • Problem Report & Resolution
  • Primär-Eigenschaft-Nummer
  • Pre-Vehicle Program Initiation
  • PRF
    Presentation Request Form
  • PRG
  • PRM
    Process Reference Model
  • Park, Reverse, Neutral/No Gear, Drive, First/Low (1, L)
  • Produktionstest
  • Procedure
  • Process
  • PRP
    Problem Resolution Process
  • PRR
    Problem Report & Resolution
  • Problem Resolution(Reporting)Tracking System
  • Problem Resolution Tracking System Plus
  • PS
  • PS
  • PS
  • PSA
    Potential Supplier Assessment
  • Power Steering Control Module
  • PSD
    Preliminary Styling Data
  • PSG
    Project Supervision Group
  • Passenger Side Impact Restraints
  • PSK
  • Program Standard Lead Engineer
  • PSM
    Power Seat Module
  • PSM
    Porsche Stability Management
  • PSO
    Process Sign-Off
  • PSP
    Projekt-Struktur Plan
  • PSR
    Program Status Review
  • PSS
    Product Service System
  • PSS
    Program Status System
  • PSS
    Program Status System
  • PSS
    Passenger Suppression System
  • PST
    Plant Support Team
  • Preliminary Structure Vehicle Surface Release
  • PSW
    Part Submission Warrant - Teilevorlagebestätigung
  • PT
  • PT
    Power Train
  • PT
  • PTC
  • PTC
    Powertrain Cooling
  • PTC
    Positive Temperature Coefficient
  • Powered Thermal Cycle Endurance
  • Positive Temperature Co-efficient Heater
  • PTL
    Performance Team Leader
  • Power Train Mounting System
  • PTN
    Product and Process Termination Notification
  • PTO
    power take-off
  • PTR
    Production Trial Run
  • PTS
    ParkTronis Systems
  • PU
    Production Unit
  • PUD
    Performat Upload Database
  • Product Usage, Measurement, and Applications
  • PV
    Product and Process Validation
  • PV
    Part Variation
  • PV
  • Product and process Validation vehicle Build Readiness review
  • Pontiac Vehicle Engineering Center
  • PVM
    Programmable Vehicle Model
  • PVN
    Produkt Vorbereitung Nullserie
  • PVS
  • PVT
    Plant Vehicle Team
  • PVV
    Powertrain Valididation Vehicle
  • Product and process Validation Vehicle Powertrain Calibration Delivered
  • PWM
    Pulse Width Modulation
  • PWR
  • PWT
  • PWT
    Produktions- und WerkstoffTechnik
  • PWZ
  • PZ
    Produkt- und Projektziele
  • Partial Zero Emission Vehicle

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